St Mary's, Inverness

The Christmas Time 2022

The Christmas Period : To assist you with your forward planning the following are our arrangements over the Christmas period:


Saturday 24 Dec [Christmas Eve]

Stratherrick : Vigil Mass at 17.00

St Mary’s     : Midnight ANTICIPATED at 21.00 Carol Service followed by Mass at 21.30, Midnight Polish Mass 23.30


Sunday 25 Dec {Christmas Day]

Masses at 09.00, 11.00 and Polish Mass at 13.00

There will NOT be an evening Mass on that Sunday [Christmas Day]


Mon 26 Dec [St Stephen] Boxing Day

Mass at 10.00, Polish Mass at 17.00


Tue 27 Dec [St John]

Mass at 10.00

Wed 28 Dec {Holy Innocents]

Mass at 12.30


Thu 29 Dec [St Thomas Becket]

Mass at 10.00

Fri 30 Dec [ Holy Family]

Mass at 12.30


Sat 31 Dec [St Sylvester]

Confessions 10.00 & Mass at 10.30

Stratherrick : Vigil Mass at 17.00

St Mary’s    :  Vigil Mass at 18.00


Sun 1 Jan  [Mary, Mother of God]   Masses  at 09.00, 11.00 and Polish Mass at 17.00


A thought for Advent from Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

“It is the beautiful task of Advent to awaken in all of us memories of goodness and thus to open doors of hope.”

What are your memories of goodness?  Take time to reflect on these with gratitude and so enkindle Hope.