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Updates to the BCOS


Guidance on over-70s attending Church – 15 June 2020

Our Guidance on the re-opening of Churches states in point 4 on page 1: Parishioners who are shielding according to Scottish Government guidance should not come to church until Scottish Government guidance advises them it safe to do so. Parishioners aged 70 or over, pregnant women, and those who receive the flu jab for medical reasons are currently able to leave their homes for essential purposes. In making a decision to come to church they are asked to follow Scottish Government advice.

Clarification re. Benediction in Phase 2 – 15 June 2020

Churches are invited to open for personal prayer on the first Sunday after moving into Phase 2.  It may be appropriate to celebrate this first step with Exposition and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament (not Benediction).

KEY CHANGES in ‘Covid-19 Infection Control for Churches’ Version 1.2 – 15 June 2020

  1. On page 4, no 5 under Protocol for parishes in Scotland is amended to include new government advice on face coverings for children under two years of age. This now reads: “5. Face coverings should be worn by all those in the Church whether during private prayer or Mass. If no face coverings are available, the mouth and nose should be covered by a scarf or other cloth covering.  In accordance with Scottish Government guidance, children under the age of two years are not required to wear a face covering in the Church.”
  2. On page 4, under Protocol for Parishes in Scotland a new no8 is inserted to provide advice on the use of toilets.  It now reads as follows: “8. Use of toilet facilities may be permitted, provided users adhere to physical distancing and hygiene guidelines. Parishes should provide hand sanitiser outside the toilet and also antibacterial wipes inside the toilet for cleaning surfaces.”

Safeguarding Training for new Parish Volunteers – 12 June 2020

To brief new parish volunteers who are supporting the re-opening of churches, the Scottish Catholic Safeguarding Service (SCSS) has provided a brief introductory video.  It can be accessed by clicking here.

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